Alberto Fuertes

CEO of Madrid Fly and EYDISA Wind Tunnels

Alberto Fuertes is the general manager at Madrid Fly. Being part of the skydiving industry since 1999, he has over 3000 jumps and is a certified AFF and Tandem instructor. Since 2006, Alberto has been working full-time as a tunnel instructor and coach and as a Chief Examiner, training the staff of various wind tunnels across Europe. His role is to produce and manage the living knowledge repository that is the heart of the Tunnel Instructor Organization. Training materials, quality standards and learning tools form the basis for this repository, which gets expanded constantly with input from the partners.


He has competed in skydiving indoors as well as outdoors, winning national titles and medals at prestigious international competitions such as The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, TPE.


Alberto Fuertes holds a degree in International Business Management as well as an MBA (Cardiff, UK).

He also holds the position of CEO for the Spanish tunnel manufacturer EYDISA.