Boris Nebe

Managing Director of ISG One and Indoor Skydiving Germany

Boris Nebe is Co-Shareholder and Managing Director in charge of all operations at Indoor Skydiving Germany and of ISG One. His role extends to Indoor Skydiving Bottrop, the reference facility in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well.


Together with Dr. Manuel Dohr, Boris Nebe is responsible for the continued development of the ISG vertical wind tunnel designs and he is the holder of various national and international patents registered with the German and the European Patent Office. Boris Nebe is a trained military helicopter pilot. He also worked as an Airbus captain for the biggest German airline.

Boris Nebe has extensive experience as a professional skydiver, skydiving instructor, tandem master, aerial photographer and as an indoor skydiving coach. He is able to combine that with his expertise in event management.


Boris Nebe excelled at multiple national and international skydiving competitions.