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Gillian Rayner

IPC President

Gillian Rayner is President of the FAI Parachuting Commission, IPC, which is soon to be renamed FAI Skydiving Commission. It is this body that governs parachuting and skydiving throughout the world, determining who is the best of the best, managing international competition through fair rules and regulations, setting international standards, assuming the formation of judges and other officials, handling world and continental records as well as informing on safety matters.

Gillian has been an active member of the FAI community for the past 40 years. She was the delegate for France to both the IPC Plenary Meeting and the FAI General Conference until 2014, when she was elected as the first women ever to the FAI Executive Board. Four years later, she was also the first women to become an FAI Commission President.

Gillian is an active FAI licensed judge in several different disciplines of indoor and outdoor skydiving.

From 2012, and always representing France, she fought to have Indoor Skydiving included as a discipline under  the auspices of the IPC. This finally happened in 2014, with the 1st FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving taking place in Austin, USA, under her leadership.

The idea for this summit emerged from a strategic workshop run prior to the IPC Plenary Meeting in January of 2019. Convinced that indoor skydiving makes a significant contribution to the continued development of skydiving outdoors while at the same time evolving as a discipline in its own right, IPC is excited about the opportunities this summit offers by bringing together the key players. May we all deepen our understanding of each others’ strengths and together build a basis for future growth so that we may offer - between all of us - the best resources to the world's best athletes.