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Joachim Gossow


Joachim Gossow received his degree in sports science from the renowned DSHS Köln, the German Sport University in Cologne. While still completing his academic career, he was already applying science to sport as a professional handball player in the German Bundesliga. He later became a coach and trainer for first division teams.

Joachim joined the Physical Education and Sports Department of the City of Duisburg in 1988 and rose in the ranks to Deputy Director. In this capacity, he held executive positions in the organization of multi-sport events such as the World University Games (1989) and The World Games 2005. Acting as the Sports Director of the latter, he impressed the board members of the International World Games Association Association (IWGA), the games' sanctioning body, in such a way that they created an identical role in their own organization. They hired Joachim on a part-time basis from 2006.

In 2010 he ascended to the position of Chief Executive Officer of IWGA. After working for the City of Duisburg's sports administration for more than 20 years, he resigned to assume his new role.