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Vincent Textoris

Windiver Founder/President

Meet Vincent Textoris! Academically, he is a double master: in Sports Ergonomics and in Project Engineering and Management. For more than 10 years he worked for global sports retail giant DECATHLON, first as an Innovation Manager and then as founder and instigator of Decathlon Creation, the company's in-house think tank.

It was a most fulfilling job he held until the day he threw himself into the blast at a wind tunnel and made his first indoor skydive. It changed his life. He quit his job to do more flying, and soon the flying started to make his savings disappear at a rate he felt no longer comfortable with.

He moved from Lille in the north of France to Bordeaux in the central-southern part of the Atlantic coast and he started thinking about making indoor skydiving more affordable. It took a while until he had the formula of Windiver, his wind tunnel time-sharing platform, refined and a website programmed.

Vincent summarizes the Windiver credo: "We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access the pleasure of indoor skydiving. Our mission is to help people discover flying at the best price possible, and to let them share their passion with many others."

Vincent will present the concept and during a workshop on 3 February.