Joel O'Donoghue

Managing Director

Joel O'Donoghue (30), is a British experience industry expert and an entrepreneur who has been involved in indoor skydiving business since 2009. His first tunnel job was in Bedford, UK. After that Joel has worked for the industry in different managerial and executive roles in Finland, Thailand, Russia and more recently in Spain, cooperating with FAI. Main focus of Joel's career has been in improving customer safety. Joel has been judging D2W and D4W competitions on national, Nordic and world championship level, as well as at The Wind Games.

Indoor skydiving for me is not just about the sport, the lifestyle or the business. My personal interest lies within developing operational procedures that improve customer and employee safety in the tunnel. I am particularly proud of the fact that we managed to go for two whole years without any customer incidents, even a dislocated shoulder. My safety thinking was greatly affected by my work at one of the most successful rope park franchise chains in Northern Europe's. The Norwegian company had a philosophy to always operate above minimum standards and have zero accident rate.


If we as an industry come together and forge our industry minimum requirements - and follow them - and develop those requirements continuously, I am confident we will be able to bring the sport to new leveland make it recognized all over the world.