Lauri Aapro

Filmmaker · Photographer · Storyteller

Lauri Aapronen produced some of the most high-impact imagery on skydiving indoors as well as outdoors. Starting with the latter, the chute-less jump by fellow Finn Antti Pendikainen – including the lifesaving intervention by Matti Miilumäki – comes to mind first. You may also remember the Dunkin’ Donut run by wingsuit skydiver Ellen Brennan or the Apple Watch Series 4 commercial involving Finnish FAI World Champion Inka Tiitto. Just two of the big commercial brands put in an action-packed context by Lauri, himself a skydiver, tunnel instructor and, above all, an expert filmmaker and great storyteller. He is also the owner of Sweet Karelia. You can visit his website.


Here is how Lauri describes the uniqueness of his assignments in the wind tunnels of the world. “Limited light, reflecting glass and the fast movement can be challenges when filming indoor skydiving,” Lauri says. “But once these elements are under control, the air sport discipline offers limitless options for creativity.”


He proved the point time and again with productions involving some of the biggest names in indoor skydiving. Most recently, he did so with “Synchronized,” a stellar performance by Kyra Poh and Maja Kuczynska, which he recorded at the CLYMB wind tunnel in Abu Dhabi and edited down to two minutes for Red Bull. Stunning.


Having Lauri as a panelist at Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit will add the unique perspective of the world’s #1 in the production of tunnel imagery to the deliberations.