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Roland Hilfiker

CEO of Support Air International

After I had organized some of the biggest and most widely exposed international events in parachuting/skydiving, I reached the following conclusions:

Sport is passion!

Making a sport popular is transmitting its passion on to others.

This applies not only to football! 

By the early 90s society was ready to direct some of its attention towards new and emerging sports: lifestyle, trend, ... a multitude of totally different sports. At the same time, tectonic shifts in the media landscape suddenly allowed to bring sporting passion of the varied kind to a global audience affordably.

It was upon these premises that I launched Support Air International together with my wife Carolina in 1994. Since then we have worked with a team of collaborators to assist many different sports – their governing bodies, event owners and athletes – in the quest of securing broad international exposure, and in bringing some of the mechanisms into play that make football the irresistible #1 sport for the public at large, the media and the sponsors.